The word “Ministry” comes from the Greek word “Diakoneo” meaning “to serve”, so our ministry centres on meeting the needs of women, children and all lost souls.


We are commissioned – chosen , holy and beloved by God to bear with one another, to be clothed with love, bound in harmony with peace of Christ ruling in our hearts (Colossians 3:12-17). We will go forth in Jesus name, by His Spirit and in power of His might, His word to proclaim-commissioned to show women his way.

Armed as such and with the aid of the Holy spirit, we must relevantly work to show God’s favour and propel the ministry forward into the future.

We aim to build the body of believers by rendering our support to other ministries through providing resources, mentoring and teaching opportunities to address the issues that hold believers back from serving God.

With the Holy Spirit’s guidance, the Women’s  Ministry continues to grow and make changes in our structure and how we operate that will better meet the needs of our sisters- now and in the coming years.


This helps us to focus on God’s family that we are, we need to connect and fellowship with other believers. We experience mercy in genuine fellowship. Fellowship and forgiveness go hand in hand.  Sharing freely and honestly regarding our personal journeys will build lasting connections that will grow through love.

We meet every third Saturday of each month from 14:00 hours to 18:00 hours.

We do not have a specific venue for this only because we promote and teach hospitality.  We take turns and meet in our homes so that we can alternate our activities. This helps the reserved women to come out of themselves when it is their turn to host.

Once in a while we meet on Saturday mornings for breakfast and guest speakers.

Yearly we have a weekend away Retreat that is held at a conference centre so women are away from their families for a full weekend soaking in the presence of the Lord.



  • Increase women participation in serving  the Lord.
  • Create opportunities where women can minister to women and young women in different facets of their lives.
  • Establish a place of peace for women to retreat from their busy lives and have quiet time with God or engage in fellowship with other women believers.
  • Help women start or maintain an effective prayer life.
  • Start and maintain spiritual reading groups.
  • Provide guest speakers and retreats to assist women’s  spiritual growth and increase their understanding of health issues that affects their mind, body and spirit.



  • To provide a forum for all women in church and in the community to bond and grow as well as harness, cultivate and utilise their God-given talents and abilities and potential for their personal benefits, benefits of the community and the Kingdom of God as a whole (1 Timothy 4:14-15 and 2 Timothy 1:6).
  • To encourage, equip and inspire.
  • Have monthly meetings to study, pray, share God’s word and organise and develop programs.
  • Commence spiritual reading groups using books recommended by women’s ministry members and Pastors.
  • Utilise women or outside speakers to address women’s health issues for churchgoers as well as community members.
  • Create a place of women to retreat to from their lives to engage in fellowship and /or worship and praise God.
  • Help women establish and maintain an effective prayer lives by offering workshops, literature and help them find prayer partners and prayer circles.
  • Provide opportunities to use their gifts to help other women to Jesus Christ.
  • To volunteer and help with charity work and help the needy and disadvantaged.
  • Have a burden for the unsaved and mentor  for other young women,  to have a heart for mission and reach out to missionaries and support them.
  • Become Heroines of faith in that their faith in the Lord grows strong.
  • Meet the needs of our women, like the single mothers, widows, those with small children and those who need help in any way using a word based and Christ centred approach.



So far we are have are  striving to encourage one another to develop and nurture a personal relationship with the Lord in order to live a fruitful and abundant lives.

Women express prayer requests to each other and feel confident that they are being prayed for and that it will remain confidential if need be. This helps women to feel uplifted and encouraged as a result, many women get involved in our activities such as Sunday school teaching, hospitality and serving generally.

Our women are good home makers and are compassionate with other women, they are all round total women as outlined in 1Thessalonians 5:23 ( spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and financially).

Women try to be prayer warriors for their husbands and their families.