Balm of Gilead World Ministries History

Balm of Gilead World Ministries was started in 1996 by Merica and Joel Cox, this happened n Bulawayo, Zimbabwe for the Glory of God.

The family had returned to Zimbabwe from Zambia where they served as missionaries, the church began in their family home in North End. The first service was attended by 15 people and three months later the meeting moved to a college hall in Lobengula Street. The church continued to grow, 6 months later the meetings moved again to the bigger hall at the Academy of Music.

The name Balm of Gilead comes from Jeremiah 8:22, “Is there no balm in Gilead, is there no physician there?

The Balm of Gilead Logo came to Merica in a vision which she saw a rainbow, inscribed with the words, “what is your heart’s desire” She answered, “I want to have the mind that was in Christ Jesus and to do the works that he did even greater works” then she saw a clouding ascending and lifting the rainbow higher into the sky. Merica chose the rainbow as a reminder of what she felt was a covenant with God, Just as God made a covenant with Noah and gave him a rainbow for a sign.

In 2001, Merica came to the United Kingdom and settled in High Wycombe, starting a church in her lounge in Dashwood Avenue. The group later moved to Green Street Community Centre, again to the Reggie Grove Centre and later to the current location at the Wye valley Community Centre.

In 2005, due to the number of people who were commuting from East London, another branch was opened in Romford Essex.

In 2006 The Cox’s moved to Northampton where they planted another branch. 2012 the Cox’s moved to Romford due to a crisis within that branch and they have remained there since.

Rev. Merica Cox’s History and profile

Born in a family of six girls and one boy. Did primary school St Patricks (Roman Catholic School), attended Solusi Secondary School (Seventh Day Adventist) Completed 2 years at The Academy of Cutting and Designing.

Merica worked as a fashion designer from 1976 to 1990. Merica met Joel Cox in 1977 and they got married in 1978 at Bethany Apostolic Church of Pentecost. The couple were blessed with 4 children 2 of them twins.

In 1983 Merica was baptised in water and filled with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues.  In 1984 Merica had a dream where she was handed a letter by a postman, she opened it and there was a slip of paper written, “Mark 16:15 “Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel” This message is for you” Merica shared with their pastor who explained that this was a call for ministry. The church began to take her through training sessions to help her develop in ministry. The Lord started to use Merica in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, gifts of healing, prophecy, deliverance and barren women were conceiving.  During these years Merica was also involved with Women’s Aglow and travelled to America for their conference.

In 1990 Merica felt the Lord was calling to leave her Job as a fashion designer and work fulltime for the Lord, the church leaders and felt this was right, Joel agreed he was happy to release his wife to do the work of God so the church took her own as a fulltime worker in the church.

In 1993 Merica and family moved to Lusaka Zambia as missionaries, the family was there for 18 months before the church recalled them back in 1995

In 1996 the church released the Cox’s to start their own ministry, the ministry started in their house as people came to hear about their work in Zambia.

In 2001 Merica felt the Lord was leading her to go to England, this had been prophesied years before that she would go to Europe, England in particular. Merica had waited since 1984 for the Lord to tell her it was time to go.

Merica arrived in the UK in 2001, soon after joined a college and completed an advanced course in Health and Social Care, she later joined the University of East London where she completed a BA(hons) Degree in Social Work. During the same time, she planted a church in High Wycombe where she lived.

Several people were coming to High Wycombe on Sundays from East London which resulted in the birthing of the Romford branch. The Romford branch was opened in 2006 by Merica Cox, it started with 25 members who had been commuting to High Wycombe. Unfortunately, in 2012 the church broke up due to inhouse problems, Merica had to start all over, however by God’s grace the church stands today.

Joel Cox was saved in 1986, he became a man of prayer with a passion for evangelism. Joel had remained pastoring the church in Zimbabwe, he joined the Family beginning of 2006. The family then moved to Northampton end of that year where they planted the Northampton branch.

Merica and Joel are currently stationed in Romford where they are pastoring.